How is the Smart Pen connected to the Notes App?

Open the app and step into the world of Moleskine Notes!
Once you have downloaded the Notes App, follow the steps on screen in order to pair your Smart Pen to the app via Bluetooth.
After making sure that your Smart Pen is charged (it takes 2 hours to fully charge), open the Notes App and click on “Add you Moleskine Smart Pen”. If you don’t have your Smart Pen with you or if it’s not charged, you can still explore the app by clicking on “Proceed without Smart Pen”. See screenshot below.
Please make sure your Bluetooth is on and that you “allow” your device to pair with new devices. Make sure you have the space to pair a new device.
Press the on/off button on the pen once: the LED will turn on (blue LED light) and the Smart Pen will automatically connect to the Notes App.
If you have a Pen+ or Pen+ Ellipse smart pen, please press the button for 3 seconds to connect to your device.

Screenshots of the Moleskine Notes App to help you set up your new Smart Pen.

Once the Smart Pen is recognized by the Notes App, you can tap on the pen icon to proceed. The next steps allow for personalization: you can give your Smart Pen a name and add a passcode. If your Smart Pen is already connected, tapping on the icon will open the Smart Pen settings menu with options such as calibration and stats regarding the battery and memory.

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