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Moleskine presents

Inktober, 31 Days / 31 Drawings

Thanks to Jake Parker, October is fast becoming a very special month for putting pen to paper.

Parker, a writer and illustrator based in Arizona, is the person who turned October into Inktober, a worldwide event that invites people to create 31 drawings in 31 days. Participants then share the wonders they create when ink and imagination combine.

Born in 2009 out of Parker’s personal challenge to improve his drawing skills, Inktober (the merging of Ink + October) now counts millions of participants across the globe. It’s a moment that encourages everyone – regardless of their drawing experience – to dedicate time every day to nurturing their talent and channeling self-expression through drawing.

Moleskine presents Inktober2022 @Comic Con

Moleskine and Inktober bring the worldwide drawing challenge from social media to in person, at the New York Comic Con Oct 6 - 9. Visitors enter a unique Moleskine space where they can put their skills to the test, meet and learn from other drawing enthusiasts, and have their Inktober artworks displayed.

In the Comic Con spirit of sharing the impact of comics in art and culture, the booth hosts one artist a day to talk about the importance of comic art in their profession and teach drawing techniques to all visitors who want to put pen to paper creatively.

Live interviews with each artist will be aired daily on @moleskine.

Inktober Sketchbook At last, the sketchbook that can hold all your Inktober creations. 104 pages of 165gm2 paper, designed to stand the test of even the most fervent ink users. Available exclusively on and at New York Comic Con.