Paper Tablet Smart Notebook 2 PAPERTABLET P+ DOT BLK HARD 02
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Paper Tablet Smart Notebook 2 Black

  • hard cover
  • rounded corners and elastic closure
  • ivory-colored, acid-free 100 g/m² paper
  • 'In case of loss' notice printed on the flyleaf
  • expandable inner pocket in the back
  • lies flat, opens at 180°
  • includes instructions folder
  • the history of Moleskine is inside
  • Moleskine Srl creates FSC®-certified products
Unleash your creative voice by hand on paper before expanding your ideas on screen. Together with the Smart Pen and Notes App, the Paper Tablet Smart Notebook lets you digitally re-work and share all your handwritten notes. Each pen stroke on the page appears immediately within the Notes App, ready to be developed using the digital tools you love.