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Manage your time with your weekly goals, to-do list and appointments visible at a glance across a two-page spread.
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Moleskine Weekly Planners

A weekly planner is your go-to tool to stay organized, focused and on track. With the seven days of the week visible over a two-page spread, this layout really helps you to manage your time. This handy weekly planner layout lets you zoom out and see the entire week at a glance with weekly goals, appointments and events alongside space for notes, inspiration and thoughts.
Make a weekly to-do list with all the key tasks and reminders you need to stay on top of everything from professional and personal projects to hobbies and your social life. This is your personal weekly planner where you plan and record all the parts of your life in one handy space - a reliable and discreet paper companion that is both your timekeeper and confidant.
A weekly planner encourages you to pause at the start of the week and prioritize your goals and tasks for the next seven days. You can choose to list them according to importance, difficulty or simply in the order that they come to you. Keeping the week's plans on one two-page spread gets you to focus on the to-dos that really matter - although there is nothing to stop you from carrying them over to the next week if you don't complete them all. This kind of planning makes you more productive and efficient, but, more importantly, a focused task list also leads to more free time to spend doing the things you love. You also get a sense of control knowing that everything important is noted down in your planner - its pages remembering it all, so you don't have to. You can also use time-blocking to schedule downtime to make sure that the rush and hustle of daily life is balanced out with moments of rest and relaxation.

A Planner for Busy People

Start by noting down the week's fixed events in your schedule at the beginning of the week for an instant overview of the things you will have to plan around. These might include activities like children's after-school sports and clubs - in fact, a weekly planner is a wonderful tool to help busy families plan and coordinate a variety of schedules week by week. Our weekly planners have structured pages with enough leeway to fit a variety of planning needs, from busy parents to professionals and students. The at-a-glance layout of a weekly planner means that you can quickly see everything you need to do or prepare for the next couple of days without having to flick through several pages. This bird's eye view of the week is a big plus when it comes to getting everything done. The other advantage offered by weekly planners is that they make it easy to look ahead and see what the upcoming weeks have in store: simply glance forward a few pages for a quick overview of the next month.

A Paper Planner with A Variety of Formats

Moleskine weekly planners come in a range of formats, colors and themes with the choice of hardcover or softcover and covering either twelve or eighteen months.

  1. The weekly notebook planner shows the days of the week on the left opposite a ruled page for notes, ideas, tasks, reminders and to-dos. This is an incredibly practical layout that combines the practicality of a weekly appointment book with the freedom of a notebook. Each week inevitably brings a range of new and inspiring moments; the ruled page included alongside each week's events gives you space to take notes, jot down phone numbers, record important addresses, remember quotes or whatever captures your imagination.
  2. The Pro Weekly Planner is a professional format with structured pages to help you keep track of different work projects and tasks. This undated planner can be started at any time during the year - you simply insert the dates yourself. It includes sections for weekly, monthly, 4-monthly, and annual plans, as well as making space for inspiration and key milestones.
  3. Our 12-month planners follow the calendar year, while the 18-month planners run from July to December of the following year - perfect for students, teachers and anyone who likes to start planning with the beginning of the school year.

Customize Your Planner

All Moleskine weekly planners can also be customized in store or online. Create a custom cover with a message and/or symbol in gold or silver foil. Customization is a simple yet effective way to make your planner utterly unique and is also a wonderful idea if you are looking for a personalized and highly personal gift for someone special. Whether you choose to adopt a serious or more playful tone to the cover, personalization allows you to make you mark.
We also have a selection of limited-edition planners to choose from. Each one celebrates a different artist, character or theme, with each collection usually available in a variety of sizes and layouts. Find the limited-edition theme that represents you to add an extra layer of meaning to your plans all year long.

Your Personal Organizer

A Moleskine paper planner begins with a personal data page. Filling out some or all this page is your first step to making this planner your own. Personalize by adding your name, contact details, and any other key information that you want to keep close at hand in your trusty appointment book. This initial page is followed by an overview of the year in question, which is broken down into months and with each week numbered. This is followed by a monthly calendar for a more comprehensive overview of each month: here you can note down important events, stand-out moments and key deadlines. This monthly planner section gives you the chance to take a step back and see the bigger picture one month at a time, which can be very useful for staying organized and on top of everything both short-term and long-term. This is the perfect space to take note of when public holidays fall and to work out the best moment to schedule some time out for a holiday or long weekend. There is also a handy calendar section covering the following year, so you can look forward and begin to imagine how the next 12 months are going to pan out.

Practical Information to Inspire Your Plans

Moleskine weekly planners begin with a section full of practical information for planning and traveling:

  • You can find a selection of global holidays from January through to December as well as two pages with international times zones. Whether you are planning a trip, dreaming of travel, or thinking of someone far away, these pages are both practical and inspiring.
  • There is also a selection of international measures and conversions, which are always useful when you least expect it.
  • Further practical information follows with dialling codes around the world: this is a list of countries that you can also use as a checklist of places you have visited (or perhaps would love to visit).
  • As you imagine the countries you want to go to, use the next pages to jot down your goals for the year. This is a great way to focus your thoughts as you begin planning, and a way to hold yourself accountable as the months go by. This page is for you and you alone: it's your secret wish for all the things you want to do, places you want to see and objectives you want to achieve - no matter how big or small.
  • There is also a page for travel planning where you can write down the names of all the places you and you planner go - whether near or far - alongside the dates of travel and any interesting side notes.
  • Moving on, My Extraordinary Moments This Year is a page for memories - the ones that you want to keep close at heart. There is no right or wrong here: simply jot down the memories with the most meaning for you as the year goes by.

The planner's introductory pages end with a blank map to customize with your travels, or perhaps by marking the locations around the world that have special significance for you. Finally, there is the ruler page. This practical tool shows both centimeters and inches and is sure to come in handy more often that you might expect.

Check out Moleskine Weekly Planners and choose your favorite from various options to stay organized and keep track of key tasks and reminders in your professional and personal life.