Smart notebook Large Hard cover, plain, Black - Background

Smart notebook Large Hard cover, plain, Black

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The Smart Notebook is a distraction-free space to capture inspiration by hand on paper, with the added benefit of having an instant digital copy of every handwritten page. Everything you write and draw on paper appears instantly on your device within the Notes App. When you are ready to take your ideas to the next level, you can edit your notes with the digital tools you use every day. Sharing ideas is quick and easy – both from the Notes App and directly from the page – and you can browse and search a digital archive of your notebooks from any device.

The physical act of writing and drawing on paper heightens creativity. The tactile warmth and privacy of the page combined with the unique, human gesture of handwriting stimulates thought and allows ideas to blossom. With the Smart Notebook, you can take this creativity a step further by reworking your freehand notes and sketches on screen.

    All you need to get started is:
  • Smart Notebook or Smart Cahier
  • Moleskine Smart Pen
  • Notes App (free to download from the App Store™ and Google Play
Simply pair your Smart Pen with the Notes App in a few easy steps and begin taking notes on any page in your Smart Notebook. The Smart Pen automatically switches on every time you put pen to paper, recording every stroke and creating an identical digital page on screen in the app.

The Smart Pen replicates your handwriting on screen, while the Notes App gives you the option of transforming your words into digital font. You can add colour, change stroke thickness and modify each digital page, as well as adding tags to search and categorise your content. Try adding a voice recording to specific notes or using the playback feature to see how your ideas took shape from start to finish.

The Smart Pen works by reading the invisible Ncodes in each page, allowing it to identify the precise location in the notebook and then transferring your handwritten content to the Notes App in real time. If you’re offline, the Smart Pen can store up to 1000 pages that will be automatically uploaded to your digital notebook in the app as soon as you’re back online.

This Smart Notebook is part of the Moleskine Smart Writing System which includes a selection of ruled and plain notebooks with either hard or soft covers, as well as the Smart Planner and Smart Planner PRO, Moleskine Notes App and Smart Pen.

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