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This 2023-2024 academic planner is a distraction-free space to make your own. By the end of the school year, it will have grown into a handwritten record of everything you have accomplished, the places you have been and the experiences you have had. Start planning with Moleskine now and discover what a difference this planner can make.

A student planner is an indispensable tool when it comes to organizing all of your school, college, and university commitments. That said, it's also important to stay on top of your wellness goals and to make time for an enriching social life. This planner helps you to plan and document all the parts of your life, from commitments to classes and creativity. As a student, it is crucial to find the right balance; a good planner can help you stay on track and focused not only regarding your studies and assignments, but also in terms of self-care and creativity. This week to view planner puts you back in control of how you organize each day: events, deadlines, and appointments. It is designed to bring a sense of agency to your planning, helping you to map everything in advance and make deliberate decisions regarding your time.

As well as having two pages with 2023 and 2024 calendars, this academic planner kicks off with space to record your class schedule. This is where you can note down all your classes each semester, with the start and end dates, times, and days. These structured pages allow you to take note of each course name, the relevant professor, the course location, and any other details that seem important to you about the academic year. There’s also a space for notes at the end of each timetable. These pages in the academic planner are the backbone of your time management and will become a constant point of reference throughout the year.

Setting goals is key to getting where you want to go, which is why there are two pages dedicated to listing the goals you hope to achieve this academic year alongside an action plan to make them happen. Stay focused by documenting why these objectives are important to you, and take the time to remember and note down whatever inspires you to move forward with these goals. This section has a dotted layout which is perfect not only for writing but also drawing, sketching, and adding notes and pictures that will provide you with a source of inspiration.

The Academic Planner begins with July 2023. Each month section opens with a habit tracker: a customizable wheel with space for up to seven habits that you want to maintain each day. The dates are recorded around the edge of the wheel. This is a great way to remind yourself of the habits you want to keep up, as well as being a creative way to see how well you did at the end of each month. Choose a different color for each habit and watch as the tracker transforms over the course of the month into a gorgeous, multi-colored rainbow. The habit tracker is an easy, intuitive way to establish new habits as it is a constant yet gentle and colorful reminder to stick to your chosen routine. Whether you want to make sure you stay hydrated, walk 10,000 steps each day, or regularly make time to focus on gratitude, the habit tracker is your ally each month.

The habit tracker is followed by a monthly overview that lets you zoom out and see the bigger picture. This monthly planner allows you to take a step back and see all the commitments and key moments that are coming up over the next few weeks, so you can plan accordingly. Macro-planning is an important step before getting into the details and specifics that make up each day. You might choose to use this section to note down exams or assignment due dates - in this way you can see exactly how much time you have to get organized, study and make sure your work is done in time.

With a week to view, the seven days of the week can be seen at a glance across a two-page spread, with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on the left and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the right. This is where you can put down all the tasks, to-dos, events, and appointments that fill each week. The weekly planner section is for daily details, notes, ideas, and inspiration. You can add tickets and mementoes from the places you go to transform your planner into a scrapbook - a keepsake to treasure long after the year is over. Map your creativity and mood on a weekly basis with the color-coded tracker. Simply customize the color codes to track your creative focus and emotions to ensure you prioritize self-expression and wellbeing as well as your studies. This planner is designed to help you achieve the right balance between all of these elements.

The end of each month provides a moment to focus on achievements, the things you are most proud of, the best things that happened, and your most creative endeavors. This is also a good time to focus on personal development by asking yourself what could have gone better and how you can grow and move forward in the months to follow. This monthly review is an important opportunity to press pause, it is an occasion to rethink and reset your goals. Taking a moment to stop and reflect is key to being more proactive and deliberate in your life and activities.

The Student Life Academic Planner is dated from July 2023 to the end of June 2024 - covering the full academic year. As well as tracking your life as it happens and planning into the future, this planner is also a place to look back on what you have done. Over time its pages become a beautiful handwritten record of academic achievements and personal growth. In fact, at the end of the school year there is space to consider and record how the year went overall, including:

  • Which yearly goals did you achieve?
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • Why was this year memorable?
  • What are you goals for next year?

The final pages of the academic planner are dedicated to documenting all your courses, grades, credits, and the all-important GPA semester by semester. You can also record your projects throughout the year on these pages with space for eight different projects including a title, relevant class, a description, deadline, and any important details. Once a task is completed, you can have the satisfaction of checking the box before you move on to the next one.

The academic planner comes with an ample set of planner stickers to customize the inner pages. These adhesives include a selection of graphic symbols to add meaning to your plans as well as sticker labels to make your schedule as clear as possible. The inner pages also contain three removable bookmarks to separate and categorize your plans and ensure you always open your planner on the right page.

The academic planner is made to revolve around you with a cork-mix spiral binding that allows you to open it at a full 360°. This special spiral is flexible yet durable and warm to the touch—much like the cardboard covers made by Favini. Favini is a leading global producer of natural, fiber-based materials. These premium materials teamed with well-thought-out contents are specially chosen to add value your plans.

Like all our diaries and planners , this academic planner helps you stay on top of all the ordinary and extraordinary tasks that fill your time. Recording all your appointments and to-dos by hand on paper frees up space on screen and in your head, giving you a quiet, private space away from buzzing digital notifications. Writing tasks longhand means you get the satisfaction of ticking them off by hand each time you get something done. What’s more, handwriting and creativity are inextricably linked: even when it comes to planning your schedule, there’s something about putting pen to paper that allows you to channel inspiration more effectively and find solutions to seemingly complex issues.

As well as a welcome message, the opening pages of the academic planner have many of the same features as our Classic Planners. The Personal Data page makes space for your details and info, as well as some inspirational thoughts. There is a world map to track any journeys you take during the year or to note the places that are close to your heart. Of course, the very first page features the Moleskine ‘In case of loss’ notice to personalize with your contact details and the all-important reward for anyone who returns your cherished planner to you if misplaced.

Choose to stay organized and in control of your plans with this all-round planner. Designed to revolve around your studies, hopes and personal projects, it has all the planning tools you need to track the various parts of your life. It is your private space to personalize however you choose and to fill with academic planning as well as inspiration and dreams.