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Discover Moleskine Notebooks

Are you looking for a high-quality notebook to note down ideas and fill with personal and professional projects? Discover Moleskine’s wide selection of notebooks with various size, color and cover options.

Don’t you know where to start? Let us help you to pick the perfect notebook for capturing and exploring inspiration at home, at work and on the move.

  1. Hardcover Notebook or Softcover Notebook

  2. Browse our collections to find both hardcover notebooks and softcover notebooks available in different sizes and colors and with a choice of page layouts. Hardcover notebooks are perfect for taking notes on the move as the rigid cover provides a reliable writing surface away from your desk. The sturdy and professional feel of a hard cover notebook can also add a sense of gravitas to your notetaking. What's more, it protects your ideas as it is more resistant to wear and tear, especially if you are constantly moving between appointments.

    That said, by design a softcover notebook is more lightweight and flexible to carry around. If you want a notebook small enough to store in your pocket, then the flexibility of a soft cover makes it the more comfortable option. Ultimately though, whether you choose hard cover or soft cover is a question of personal preference.

  3. Select Page Layout

  4. How do you plan to use your paper journal? Are you taking notes in meetings or sketching in the subway? Choose between:

    Ruled notebooks are the best option if you need to write words, take notes, and make lists. Lines guide linear thinking and bring a sense of order as you work through your thoughts by hand on the page.

    Plain pages lend themselves to drawing, doodling and sketching. The freedom of the blank page is perfect for visual thinkers and anyone whose work or passions involve freehand creativity. 

    Squared paper or gridlines are wonderful for both writing and working with numbers. Gridded paper brings with it a reassuring sense of order and neatness, and perhaps a hint of nostalgia for beloved school stationery.  

    Dotted notebooks give you the best of all worlds: the structure of ruled lines along with the freedom of plain paper. The loose structure of dots is enough to write in straight lines, but also perfect for drawing and sketching.

  5. Choose The Size That Fits You

  6. One size doesn't fit all. From pocket-size to XXL, find the right size for your notes and ideas:

    • Pocket size notebook (9 x 14 cm) is just that: the right size to fit in your pocket and carry wherever you go, ready for when inspiration strikes.
    • Medium notebook (11.5 x 18 cm) gives you more space than a pocket-size journal, while still being small enough to carry easily.
    • One of the our most popular notebook is large size notebook (13 x 21 cm). The perfect size to fit in a backpack or tote and with plenty of room to explore ideas.
    • XL (19 x 25 cm), XXL (21.6 x 27.9 cm) and A4 size notebooks (21 x 29.7 cm) are designed for ideas that need more space to grow. These larger sizes are great for studying and large-scale projects.

For a deep dive into the complete Moleskine notebook collection, check out our latest Limited Edition Notebooks and PRO Notebooks structured to help boost productivity.