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Fill in the dates yourself and enjoy the freedom to start planning when you choose.​
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The complete guide to undated planners

Everyone knows Moleskine planners. The quality paper with its distinctive ivory tone, the elastic closure, and the bookmark ribbon that keeps track of your plans throughout the year. It’s your personal organizer, as well as being a well-designed keeper of secrets and stories. But what about Moleskine undated planners? How do they work? What’s the advantage? How are they different to our dated daily, weekly, and monthly planners? Keep reading to discover our complete guide to undated planners and how they might just change your way of planning forever.

So, what is an undated planner?

An undated planner is essentially just like any other 12-month weekly planner – except that you fill in the months, dates, and days yourself. It is split into month sections, each one with five blank weeks. You add the name of the month and then write the days and dates in each week as you go. Simple. Many of our undated planners come with month stickers to add at the start of each month section, as well as year stickers for the spine.

How do you use an undated planner?

The first decision is when to start. The biggest advantage of a blank planner is that you can start using it whenever suits you. You don’t have to wait for the start of the calendar year – you can just pick a month and get planning. You might prefer to start planning with the school year, after an important holiday, at the start of a new job or after a life-changing event. If you want you can choose to skip months, or even duplicate months to keep the different spheres of your life separate. Structure meets freedom: the pages of an undated planner are organized to guide your planning, but when and how you use it are totally up to you.

Customize your planner.

Undated planners come with stickers to personalize your plans, notes and whatever you add to their pages. You can also choose to personalize the cover of our Classic Undated Planners in store or on moleskine.com, adding a name, initials, words, or symbols of your choice. Check out our personalization page to explore all the other ways you can customize your undated planner, including with patches and pins. Make it yours, inside and out.

A timeless gift, literally.

Not sure what to get them? Everyone loves a gift from Moleskine and an undated planner is no exception. The fact that it can be started at any time makes it a year-round gift they will love. Customize the cover to make an extra-special present they will use every day.

But why use a paper planner in the first place?

A paper planner frees up space on screen and in your head by keeping track of your day-to-day; it’s a dependable analog assistant that also gives you the satisfaction of crossing through completed tasks by hand. Private and distraction-free, you can use your planner to jot down events, dates, ideas, tasks, reminders, and notes in the most instinctive way possible: by hand on paper. Handwritten pages give it depth and warmth and make it a hundred times more personal than a flat digital calendar. What’s more, there’s something special about flicking back through an old planner: just like a particular smell can transport you to another time and place, so can a glance at a scribbled shopping list or an appointment noted by hand and loaded with meaning and memories. From pencilled notes to highlighted events and items crossed off to-do lists – each handwritten page captures a moment. An undated weekly planner with blank dates is no different – in fact, being able to start planning when you want makes it even more personal to you and your life.

Still not sure about undated planners?

However you prefer to keep track of your life, you can find a planner that works for you. Check out our full range of dated daily, weekly and monthly planners, customizable planners, academic planners, life planners, 12-month planners and those that last 18 months. Happy planning!