Blackwing x Moleskine

Creativity so often begins with the quiet movement of pencil on paper as you sketch, write, erase, and go again. Bring ideas to life with a collection that combines exceptional pencils with the notebooks you know and love.
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Blackwing x Moleskine
Blackwing x Moleskine

The Blackwing x Moleskine collab joins two legendary brands in one beautifully crafted collection. A carefully selected range of quality graphite pencils, pencil accessories, and sketchbooks for true paper and pencil lovers.

Blackwing blends the best graphite, the best wood, and generations of craftsmanship to create exceptional pencils. Whether you’re composing a song, sketching the view from your window, or mapping out a work project, make sure you reach for the pencil with the unmistakeable rectangular eraser.

And for the perfect blank canvas, choose Moleskine. Inspired by the legendary notebook treasured by the artists and thinkers of the past, your Moleskine notebook is your quiet space to think, plan, and create in your own time and by your own rules. There’s no right or wrong. Simply enjoy the quiet moments between you and the page.

Blackwing pencils are among the best in the world. Crafted with Genuine incense-cedar from California and Oregon along with premium Japanese graphite, these pencils have become cult objects.

Blackwing traces its roots to the 1930s when the pencil’s distinctive touch made it the creative tool of choice for some of history's most influential artists, writers, and thinkers. The original Blackwing 602 gained popularity among creative luminaries such as John Steinbeck, Bugs Bunny creator Chuck Jones, and some of the most famous musical artists of all time.

The iconic rectangular eraser and ferrule are there so you can dare to write, sketch, erase and go again. Embrace mistakes, they’re all part of the process.

Blackwing pencils are not graded in the same way as many other pencils – there’s no reference to HB or any other numbers or letters. Instead, Blackwing x Moleskine pencils come in two simple types: firm and soft. This straightforward classification gives you a clear idea of the difference between these two distinctive graphite cores.

Blackwing’s best-selling firm pencils have a silky Japanese graphite core that glides across the page, so your hand can always keep up with your thoughts. They create the smoothest of lines with minimum pressure and their point retention is second to none. Designed for notetaking and sketching, these pencils are modelled on the iconic Blackwing 602, a graphite pencil used by creative greats of the past and brought back to life by the brand in 2011.

The Blackwing soft pencil has a creamy graphite core which allows you to create depth and texture on paper, depending on the pressure you apply. These drawing pencils are ideal for sketchers, musicians, woodworkers, and anyone looking for a full, dark line. These are wonderful graphite pencils for drawing if you want to express yourself artistically.

Regardless of the graphite grade, all Blackwing pencils are made using Genuine incense-cedar from California and Oregon, premium quality graphite from Japan, and all include the brand’s distinctive metal ferrule, replaceable rectangular eraser, and eraser clip. This combination of design, premium quality raw materials, and sense of heritage make these pencils to fall in love with.

Whether firm or soft, Moleskine sketchbooks provide the perfect canvas for drawing with graphite pencils. With their rich 165 g/m² paper, Moleskine sketchbooks are a great place to test out pressure, shading and contrast. Both the large and A4 sketchbooks have premium sketch-grade paper that stands up to repeated eraser use, as well as a hard cover for sketching and drawing away from your desk.
Explore the Moleskine Art Collection for the full range of sketchbooks and pads for pencil drawing, as well as our Classic Notebooks and planners for handwritten notes, thoughts, and plans.
Ultimately, the type of pencil and paper you choose is up to you. Experiment with soft and firm graphite on different types of paper to find what works best for you – there are no hard and fast rules!

The One-Step Long Point Sharpener is specially designed to help you get the most from your Blackwing pencils. It creates an extended, curved tip that resists breaking and fits comfortably in your palm or pencil case. This professional pencil sharpener is made from resistant machined aluminum with a German steel blade inside. You can sharpen your pencil up to three times before needing to empty the canister. The sharpener is available as part of the Pencils and Sharpener Set, Creative Set, Graphite Lover’s Set and Atelier Set.

Another way to prolong the life of your pencil is to use the Blackwing Pencil Extender. This ingenious tool adds length to your pencil when you get down to the stub, reducing waste and ensuring it lasts as long as possible. Available in our Blackwing x Moleskine Atelier Set and Graphite Lover’s Set, this pencil gripper is made from machined aluminum with a rubber tip to hold it firmly in place as you pause to think and create.

Perhaps the most iconic feature of any Blackwing pencil is the square ferrule and replaceable rectangular eraser. Form meets function with an eraser that can be replaced once it wears down so you can keep on creating and recreating until you get things just right. Replacement erasers fit neatly into the ferrule and are held in place by a discreet metal clip. Sets of 10 replacement erasers are available in our Creative Set, Graphite Lover’s Set and Atelier Set.