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Different layouts meet different needs. From extra-small to extra-large, hard or soft cover, find the right Moleskine Planner for you.
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Moleskine Planners

Explore our complete selection of planners to find an appointment book that fits the way you schedule your time. Choose between daily plannersweekly planners or monthly planners covering either 12 months or 18 months.

There is a wide variety of colors and vibrant limited edition themes to accompany you throughout the year, as well as our personalization service to add a unique message to the cover of any hardcover or softcover Classic Planner. All our planners also contain useful planning tools such as month-by-month year calendars, travel tools and measures and conversions.

  1. Daily Planners
    Daily planners are a great choice for getting down all the day's details. With a full page for every 24 hours, you have plenty of space to record to-dos, notes, ideas, appointments, events, comments and whatever fills your time. You can even use the space to attach keepsakes to remind you of a particular moment, place or encounter. Over time, a daily planner grows into a highly personalized and detailed record of your life an object to treasure long after the year has finished.
  2. Weekly Planners
    Weekly Planners come in different formats including horizontal and vertical, both with the seven days of the week across a two-page spread. Alternatively, weekly notebook planners show the days of the week on the left opposite a ruled page for notes, tasks, to-dos and random thoughts on the right on each double page spread. This practical dual layout combines the organization of a planner with the freedom of a notebook to give you the best of both worlds all year long.
  3. Montly Planners
    For a broader overview of your time, check out our monthly planners. Each full month is visible at a glance across two pages, followed by two ruled pages for notes, reminders and to-do lists. This kind of planner is perfect for long-term planning and for seeing the bigger picture as the year unfolds.

Moleskine comes with both 12-month Planner and 18-month Planner formats:

  • 12-month planners are dated from January to December of the same calendar year, allowing you to kick off with your New Year's resolutions.
  • 18-month planners run from July to December of the following year. This academic format is extremely useful for students and teachers, but also for anyone who likes to start afresh mid-year and plan further into the future.

Don't forget that all our Classic Planners can be personalized with a word or message on the cover. Personalization is a great way to make your planner unique, or to create a special gift. You can also customize your planner with pins: we have a selection of charms with either letters or symbols designed to attach to the elastic closure to add some personalized sparkle. To learn more, you can visit Moleskine Personalization.

If you want to make more of a statement, take a look at our limited edition planners. Choose a theme to accompany you and your plans this year. The artwork on and in each planner is carefully chosen to celebrate stories, characters and moments of cultural significance from around the world.

Regardless of how you prefer to keep track of your weekly to-do list and organize your appointment book, we have got the best planner for you.