Some of the notes I've taken are missing in the transcription. What should I do?

Please check if the Smart Pen sensor is clean, if the product is exposed to direct sunlight, if the Smart Pen is being held the right way, or if the light is off.

Usage Angle

Hold the pen in order to avoid pressure on the wrist and maintain a natural writing angle.

Allowable Recognition Angle

Pen's acceptable recognition angle is -20° ~ +40° (90° vertical standard)

If you use the Smart Pen with the sensor not facing the paper, then there is an increased chance of product malfunction and omitted pen strokes. If the problem persists even after the taper is removed, then the glass sensor beneath the tip may have been scratched. In this case, there will be a charge for repairs.

Within the Notes App, please check that each stroke of the Smart Pen is mirrored on screen. Do not close the app while the sync pop up is open.

Check the percentage of transferred data in the settings and be sure that it is 100%.

Sometimes the data is there but there are delays with the sync. Please tap on the upper right corner featuring the pen icon for an update or go back to the front cover of your notebook for an update.

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