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Choose a paper planner with a full page for every day to write your daily goals, to-do list, appointments, ideas and inspiration.
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Moleskine Daily Planners

Daily planners are for detail-oriented people. With a full page for each day of the week from Monday to Sunday, you have space to write an exhaustive to-do list each day, daily goals, work appointments, deadlines, social engagements, and whatever else fills your time.

If you are passionate about getting into details and love noting down your plans by hand, then a Moleskine daily planner is for you. There is enough space each day to breakdown lists and tasks so you can plan and organize each moment with clarity and focus. There is room to include all the intricate details that simply wouldn't fit in a weekly planner, such as meal planning, daily budgeting, and random notes. You can use your daily diary to block time each day to make sure you get to each and every task, including finding some time for yourself and your hobbies. It is also the perfect tool for tracking the healthy habits and routines that you want to establish and maintain.

The extra space that you get with a daily planner also means that you can record more than just day-to-day priorities. Make a to-do list that includes “make coffee” and “take a shower” and get the satisfaction of ticking them off right away, giving you an instant feeling of achievement. This is a wonderful way to boost your confidence, allowing you to build up to bigger and bigger tasks each day and week. Noting down a detailed and organized plan for the day also makes sure that nothing gets overlooked in the rush and buzz of daily life. Focusing on today’s short-term goals helps you build slowly but surely towards your main goals - whether professional or personal. You can divide your monthly or annual objectives into bitesize micro-tasks, listing and checking them off one by one.

Whenever you use your daily planner – for task and to-dos, to plan your social life or for journaling – you will find that it is a great tool for staying organized and on top of everything. With plenty of space to plan and document all the parts of your life, it will accompany you throughout the year and will become a rich source of inspiration as you grow and evolve over time.

Passionate About Details

A daily planner allows you to zoom in on each day and map out your schedule in minute detail. Whether it's for work, study, personal use or a combination of all three, this kind of planner has space on its ruled pages to fit everything, including ideas as they occur throughout the day. The one-page-per-day layout means you could also decide to use this planner as a journal, noting down feelings, inspiration, things that happen, hopes and dreams. However, you choose to use it, any kind of Moleskine paper planner transforms over time into a record of your year – a memory-filled snapshot of a specific time of your life. The extra space available for each day in a daily planner even allows you to cut and paste mementos onto each page, building a record to treasure long after you have moved on.

Make Your Daily Planner Your Own

A Moleskine daily planner begins with a personal data page. Filling out some or all of this page is your first step to making this planner your own. Personalize by adding your name, contact details, and any other key information that you want to keep close at hand in your trusty appointment book.

This initial page is followed by an overview of the year in question, which is broken down into months and with each week numbered.

This is followed by a monthly calendar for a more comprehensive overview of each month: here you can note down important events, stand-out moments and key deadlines. This monthly calendar section gives you the chance to take a step back and see the bigger picture one month at a time, which can be very useful for staying organized and on top of everything both short-term and long-term. This is the perfect space to take note of when public holidays fall and to work out the best moment to schedule some time out for a holiday or long weekend. There's also a handy calendar section covering the following year, so you can look forward and begin to imagine how the next 12 months are going to pan out.

Practical Information To Inspire Your Plans

Moleskine daily planners begin with a section full of practical information for planning and traveling. You can find a selection of global holidays from January through to December as well as two pages with international times zones. Whether you are planning a trip, dreaming of travel, or thinking of someone far away, these pages are both practical and inspiring. There is also a selection of international measures and conversions, which are always useful when you least expect it. Further practical information follows with dialling codes around the world: this is a list of countries that you can also use as a checklist of places you have visited or perhaps would love to visit. As you imagine the countries you want to go to, use the next pages to jot down your goals for the year. This is a great way to focus your thoughts as you begin planning, and also a way to hold yourself accountable as the months go by. This page is for you and you alone: it’s your secret wish for all the things you want to do, places you want to see and objectives you want to achieve no matter how big or small. There is also a page for travel planning where you can write down the names of all the places you and you planner go whether near or far alongside the dates of travel and any interesting side notes. Moving on, ‘My extraordinary moments this year’ is a page for memories – the ones that you want to keep close at heart. There’s no right or wrong here: simply jot down the memories with the most meaning for you as the year goes by. The planner’s introductory pages end with a blank map to customize with your travels, or perhaps by marking the locations around the world that have special significance for you. Finally, there's the ruler page. This practical tool shows both centimeters and inches and is sure to come in handy more often that you might expect.

Your Private Planner

As well as helping improve productivity, your daily planner can also become your confidant – a trusty friend to whom you can confide your feelings, mood and emotions. Its pages are quietly welcoming, private and without distractions, they are the ideal space for keeping a brief daily journal. Taking a moment each day to catch up with yourself, record what you did and how you felt is a powerful way to sort through your thoughts and digest your emotions. Putting it all on paper gives you more objectivity, helps you to see through tangled thoughts and lets you work out what you really think. There is something magical and transformative about handwriting in the process of journaling: the physical act of writing thoughts on the page gives you the distance you need to make sense of things, while still maintaining a sense of warmth and personality that is lacking when documenting the same things on screen.

Discover Moleskine Daily Planners to stay organized with handwritten plans. You will stay organized, noting down plans and ideas by hand on paper is a great way to free up space on screen and in your head. A daily planner stays quietly by your side throughout the year and is a handy, distraction-free tool that remembers everything, so you don’t have to. You also get the satisfaction of physically checking items off your to-do lists and, at the end of the year, have a physical reminder of all your achievements and adventures that you can browse and treasure.