How can I switch from the previous to the new Notes App?

If you are using the previous version of the Notes App, we kindly advise you to switch to the latest version, available on Google Play and on AppStore. The new Notes App will be updated with further releases and will keep on being your best option to view, store and edit your notes.

The previous version of the Notes App is no longer available. Please, do not delete the previous version from your device before downloading and switching to the new one. Follow these instructions to back up and move your digital contents from the previous version of the app to the new one:

  • Open Moleskine Notes Legacy
  • Open left side menu
  • Tap “Settings” option
  • Tap “Authentication center” menu item
  • Turn on “Google Drive” toggle
  • Sign into Google Account
  • Go back to the “Settings” menu
  • Tap “Backup & Restore”
  • Turn on “Google Drive” toggle here as well
  • Go back to side menu
  • You should see an additional “Backup & Restore” item
  • Follow the instructions to complete backup
Then, reopen the new Moleskine Notes:
  • Select “With Google Drive” as method
  • Continue Migration (if you can’t find it open side menu > Settings > Migration)
  • Connect to Google
  • Transfer Notebooks
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