Monthly Planner

Get an instant overview of every month, with space for notes alongside daily and weekly planning.
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Moleskine monthly planners: made for daily use, but with a macro view of each month. You can fill in individual daily events while always keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

  • The monthly planner has a month to view across two full pages, the days of the week run across the top and each day is represented by a box with space to note down events, deadlines, and tasks.
  • Each month also includes a vertical column for notes at the end of each week.

  • Each monthly overview is followed by two ruled pages; this is the ideal space to jot down more detailed to-do lists, reminders, notes and thoughts to accompany each month's plans. This month to view format also makes it super-easy to look ahead, both within the month in question and also over the weeks and months to come - without having to search through hundreds of pages. It combines the convenience of a wall calendar with an instantly visible and consultable schedule with the convenience of a diary that you can keep in your backpack and take it with you wherever you go.
  • After the last month, this planner transforms into a notebook with ruled pages to use however you choose. This hybrid format makes our monthly planners perfect for taking notes on the move, at work, at school or at home. You can turn these pages into a scrapbook of mementos or get creative filling them with doodles and cut-and-paste inspiration that you want to hold onto. It's truly up to you and this flexibility is one of the key benefits of the monthly layout.

Bring Focus to Your Planning

Monthly Planners are often used in professional or academic settings where long-term planning and being able to keep a broad overview of plans and meetings are crucial. It can also be used by students to track assignments on monthly basis, noting down deadlines and the most important appointments. Whatever your situation, a monthly planner invites you to focus on the events, tasks and moments that are the most important. Although detailed to-do lists can be written on the ruled pages that follow each month or in the second half of the planner, the main focus is most definitely your main focus. This method of planning is a deliberate and healthy way to work out what really matters in your life – be it professionally, personally or otherwise. It brings more intention to your planning and therefore also a sense of control as you learn to concentrate on essential tasks only.

Monthly Planner Options

Whether you choose a 12-month monthly planner or 18-month monthly planner depends very much on you, your lifestyle and planning habits. 12-month planner that follows the calendar year kicks off in January really helps to focus your thoughts on the new year ahead. If you are motivated by fresh starts, this is the time to think about New Year's Resolutions and to set some solid goals for the future. However, depending on where you live or the job you do, you might prefer a planner that starts in July and that takes you right through to December of the following year. This 18-month format begins more or less with the academic year (depending on where you are in the world) and can be a helpful place to start planning if you think of the back-to-school-and-work season as a moment of new beginnings. It can also be useful for more long-term planning.

Customize Your Planner Inside and Out

Have you ever considered customizing the cover of your planner? Find out online or in store about out personalization service. You can write a name, message or add a symbol to the cover in gold or silver foil to make your planner completely unique. Moleskine customization is also a simple yet lovely way to create a highly personal gift that they will enjoy all year. The next step to putting your stamp on your planner is of course to complete the 'In case of loss' notice in the front. Inspired by the legendary notebook, this label invites you to note down your name and contact details in case your precious planner should ever be misplaced. Next up is the Personal Data page. This is where you can record more detailed information that you might need to keep close at hand, such as your doctor's details, any allergies, your passport number and your driver's licence details. You can also note down a few resolutions as you set up your planner and start thinking about the year ahead.

It's Definitely a Moleskine

Monthly Planners have several features that mark them out as Moleskine objects. First and foremost is the ivory-colored paper that we use across nearly all our collections. This paper is delicately calibrated to provide a warm and welcoming canvas for your plans. Smooth to the touch, its deliberate balance of texture and body creates a particularly clean yet soothing sound when you flick through your planner. Although Moleskine paper comes in varying weights, our planners generally use 70 g/m² paper made from pigmented pulp, which is perfect for all dry media and ballpoint pens.
Turn to the back of your monthly planner to find the inner pocket: an expandable space designed to store loose notes, flyers, cards and anything else you gather on the move. This feature is inspired by the fact that our notebooks and planners are made to come with us and should be filled with collected ideas and thoughts - both written and pasted on the pages and stored within. Our planners begin all the same, but quickly take on the personality of their owners. Once complete, your planner is an object to be treasured, a tactile keepsake, and also a source of inspiration.
The elastic closure keeps everything securely stored inside, while the gently rounded corners help prevent wear and tear on the move. The bookmark ribbon inside takes you straight to the right page every time.