What is tsa? When do I need to use a bag with a tsa lock? (when travelling to the usa)?

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued the following direct information ONLY to passengers arriving in the United States or catching a connecting flight or the same flight. For the safety and security of passengers, the TSA screens all checked luggage. In some cases, the staff checking luggage must open it as part of the screening process. If a bag or suitcase is not locked, TSA staff will simply open it and check its contents. If, on the other hand, it has been locked with locks and TSA staff consider it necessary to open it, the locking devices may have to be broken. Passengers are free to lock their luggage but should be aware that this process could cause damage to their luggage locks and/or may delay the return of their luggage.

TSA and the airline providing the transport reject any responsibility for damages related to locks being broken due to the implementation of mandatory security measures. Please visit the TSA website for more information.
Our suitcases are equipped with TSA locks to protect your luggage without the need to crack open padlocks or damage your luggage. This feature can be identified by the logo.

In order to use the TSA lock, you need to:
  • Set the code to 000 and press the button using a pen
  • Remove the pen and the button will remain pressed in
  • Set your own code
  • Move the slider to the left to set your code
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